Edmonton Islamic Academy Athletics provides an opportunity for student-athletes to develop like skills that will help them grow into positive and responsible citizens of their community. 

Legends athletic programs offer age/gender appropriate physical development in addition to promoting opportunities to strengthen self confidence, discipline, determination, perseverance, endurance and courage.

High school teams fielded more than 200 athletes, across all three seasons of any given academic year.  EIA sports teams competed successfully against another Edmonton area High Schools in Badminton, Soccer, Girls Tackle Rugby, Basketball, Track and Field, Volleyball and Flag Football.

Our Academy has one of the best gymnasiums in Edmonton.  It can be subdivided into three smaller units so that all types of sports teams and instructional groups can be accommodated.

We believe the athletic teams at EIA should play for a purpose greater than winning.  While we certainly can and do win on the fields and courts, we always want our student-athletes to remember that the purpose of competition is to use the gifts given to them by Allah SWT.