High School (Grades 10-12)

Our students perform far above the provincial average on Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams as well as in day-to-day coursework. Our teachers and administrators continue to look for ways to engage students deeply in learning.

Getting Ready for University and Beyond

EIA high school promotes a rigorous academic learning program designed to ensure the greatest number of post-secondary choices for graduates. It encourages a greater academic load to prepare students for university; not just to qualify for entrance, but to succeed in their chosen faculties.

Advanced Placement

EIA also features the Advanced Placement (AP) program. This is the equivalent of a first year university course taken over the last two years of high school. Completion of this course stream allows students to write the College Board exams enabling universities to grant early credits if students have earned an acceptable mark.


Classes are generally 70 minutes long with a low student to teacher ratio because even in high school, students still need interesting learning activities and assignments to reach a diverse population of learning styles, time for discussions and questions, and most importantly, time for the teacher to spend with them individually in every class.



International travel starts in high school and builds on the national excursion experiences in high school.


  • Community Outreach
  • Student Council
  • House leaders
  • Leadership opportunities through organizing school events, athletics, and representing the student body at the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and other school and public functions.
  • Yearly international, curriculum-based travel excursions

EIA Graduates

EIA graduates have a 100% university placement rate to the universities and programs of their choice. 

This is a great endorsement of the educational program and school culture that has been established at EIA. The senior students are the leaders, and foster the sense of community and pride that all of the students enjoy.

High School Admission Criteria

Application requirements for EIA students

(preference will be given to our current students)

  • A minimum average of 70% in each core subject
  • Minimum  score of 65% on their PAT exams
  • Reference checklist must be completed by all teachers
  • No more than two discipline reports

Application requirements for external students

  • A minimum average of 75% in each core subject
  • Minimum  score of 65% on their PAT exams
  • Obtain a minimum average of 75% on the 2 compulsory EIA entrance exams
  • Will be required to submit two reference letters from current school